Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Summer Hiatus?

After the typical cram the night before stamp camp when my creativity kicked into high gear and those card ideas got themselves finished, it's time for a summer hiatus. I think....
Typically my house is too hot and too small to suffer a crowd of any size starting whenever the weather warms up, and of course, having fans on during stamp camp is not really a good combo!

However, we are planning a move this summer and it recently got bumped up a month! So, beginning July 1st, not only will have seating for 14 stampers before I set up any tables or chairs, but we'll also have the blessing of Air Conditioning!!! Woo hooo!

So, there is a chance if the move goes smoothly and easily (ha ha ha ha ha) that I might be up for some summer camps in the new location, after all. I was toying with the idea of doing a "Christmas in July" stamp a stack to get those Christmas cards started early... No promises of course, but if you would be interested in that the more feedback I get the more inclined I'll be to make it happen. :)

Enjoy your summers!