Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I always have lofty goals for myself and I am hoping I can stick to them. In no particular order this is what I want to achieve this year:
  • Having a schedule for the year and stickin' to it
  • Being prepared a week in advance for camps
  • Having some more exciting refreshments that go with the theme
  • Making sure to take the time to make up any extra cards
  • Post pics of the cards before the stamp camp
  • Keeping up with birthdays of my campers

Not too hard but the time management is always what gets me. I am hoping to stay on top of it!

New Year, New Stamp Camp

It's almost 2010 and it's been almost 6 months since my last post.

There have been some changes in Stamp Camp due to the economy and busy schedules. I've narrowed Stamp Camp down to a one day affair for the time being. Attendance has lagged lately so it's easier to have more people on one day than less people on two days. If demand goes back up then I will certainly consider expanding the class schedule.

I have also gone down to 5 card designs instead of 10. Stampers can still make their 10 cards by creating 2 of each card, which has the added benefit of having more than one of designs they love. Or if time or funds are tight, then stampers can create just the 5 cards instead.
Deciding to do this has boosted my creativity levels and made it so much easier for me to get everything prepared for camp so that I actually feel ready and relatively un-stressed by the time Stamp Camp is here!

I have some New Year's resolutions for camp that I will post soon. The coming year is going to be bringing some changes of course, so I hope to have a plan for the year ready to go!

Happy Stamping!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's that time again...

I have been sitting at my computer for the last hour, hot cup of coffee in hand, waiting semi-patiently for the new 2009-2010 Stampin' Up! catalog to be avaiable online. Of course there is some technical error and it keeps telling me to check back in 30 minutes, of course that was at least 2 - 30 minutes ago...come on already!!!

I am feeling as stale as a week old loaf of bread with the current selection of stamps. Preparing for this last stamp camp took way more effort than it typically does, but every time I looked at these stamps all I could visualize were card ideas I had already done. While each stamp set is coordinated so really the possibilities are endless, I find that for me - there is a shelf life. I am limited, it seems, to a set few ideas per set. It's probably becuase I tend to not have enought time to sit and allow my creativity to flow as much as I should, and there are limits to what ideas are actually useable for stamp camp, but I'm ok with that. What keeps me going is the excitement of getting the new stamps and accessories, because with those new fun treats come new ideas!

I have been branching out slowly into other brands of stamps and discovering that there are endless 'cottage' stamp stores out there. Some very creative people have turned their own images into stamps and they sell just a few sets sometimes and you can find a lot more variety if you are willing to seek it out. I think at some point I'd love to turn my own drawings into stamps - but of course that requires time to sit down and draw and at this point in life my creativity gets funneled into cards instead!

Here are a few links I thought I would share for some of the stamp sites I've found. If you come to stamp camps and find one that you would love to make cards with, let me know! If it sparks my creativity I will be happy to purchase it and work it into stamp camp.

Stampin' Up -

Our Craft Lounge -

Gina K. Designs -

Amuse Art Stamps -

Impress -

Inkadinkadoo -

There are tons more but these are the ones I've been frequenting lately. Often the Split Coast Stampers site ( ) features many small companies on their banner ads.

I hope to post some pictures soon of the most recent cards, it just requires finding my memory stick which I haven't a clue where it has escaped. Now that summer is here I am finally able to finish settling into the new house and hopefully it will turn up as I get things put away and organized.

Enjoy the links and see you at stamp camp!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Back in the day when stamp camps were 5 cards and it was mostly a group of friends who got together to make cards, we did what we called "Shoebox Swaps". All the materials needed for a card were placed into a shoebox (or other similar container) then that container was passed around until everyone had made that card. It's more challenging to try to do that with 10 cards, especially if a card shares a tool with another card, but I am trying out an edited version. The containers will stay where they are, but all of the materials for the card are kept inside so help minimize the mess. It can definitely get confusing when you the materials for the card you are making start travelling across the table! I hope this helps make it a little bit easier and simpler to stamp, especially when it's crowded!
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I started off the stamping year fresh with a big order of brand new stamps and supplies! There were too many cute new stamp sets in the latest catalog and at the stamp store to pass up. You will get to use all of my fun new toys over the next few months! I hope you enjoy.
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Open House

We're settled enough to start tiptoe-ing into Stamp Campin' again! The kick-off open house invites went out and I hope to see many familiar faces there. I am hoping that my friend and fellow-stamper, April, comes with her fabulous spread of Tastefully Simple snacks but if not I'll be sure to provide something yummy to nosh on while there is stamping going on. We'll see how many people this house can hold!

I haven't quite decided what we will be making for the open house. I have quite a few stamps I was unable to use for Valentine's day that I may try to incorporate into some more general cards..

For those who cannot make it and want to know when the next 'real' Stamp Camp is going to happen, I am aiming for a couple of weeks from now with the Kids Birthday Cards theme!

I hope to see you soon!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


We are moving this month, back over by 112th near Costco. I am not sure yet if the new house will have more room for stamping or not, but we shall see.
Chances are there will be no Jan stamp camp, I will try hard to do one in February but no promises - I will keep everyone up to date on the progress.