Friday, September 12, 2008

My favorite time of the year....

The new Stampin' Up catalog is out and every time this year I treat myself to a nice BIG stamp order. I replenish all of my papers, ribbons, and supplies and spoil myself with a variety of new stamp sets and accessories that are featured in the latest catalog. I don't stick to just stampin' up stuff, but I do love their products and I've adapted to using mainly their products. So all of my profits from the September stamp camp will get to go to an order that will ultimately benefit all of you who stamp with me! Look for those in the coming months.

I'm heading up to Seattle in about a week to go pick something up and i'll be swinging through A Muse stamps. I didn't make earlier in the summer so i'll go now that the kids are in school. I've never been there but they had this coffee stamp that I really liked and I'm looking forward to using in some cards.

Keep an eye out for those new purchases - I will no doubt be so excited I have to post some pictures. I also will most likely look again through my stamps and find some that I'm ready to pass on, so for those of you who love to stamp at home - great deals will be in your future!

See you at Camp!

September Cards

Here are the pics of the Sept cards. I will be adding a little bit more flair to a few before camp today!