Monday, January 7, 2008

Stamp Camp snacks...

I always have great intentions to enhance my cooking skills by providing tasty treats at stamp camps and eventually I may reach the point I can do that, however, as is typical everything gets rushed at the last minute and I wind up serving whatever is handy. Sadly, those themed treats and tidbits must stay in the realm of my imagination for now *sigh*.

A solution presented itself when my good friend and regular stamp camper, April, signed up to sell Tastefully Simple. If you haven't tried thier products they make some great tasting easy to throw together dips, breads, sauces, and more. These quick snacks take the guess work out of what to serve. I asked if she would be interested in providing snacks for the stamp camps in exchange for being able to have catalogs available in case anyone would like to order and she thought that was a great idea! She will feature some seasonal items as well as some great standby's. Their website has the full line of products as well as recipes and ideas for what you can do with them. Tastefully Simple I am sure that if there is anything you are interested in trying, April will be glad to feature that if she is able to, just put a note in your evite response!

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