Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blog help

What I love about is that it's so easy to use! I don't really have to think about it, the template is all there, I just have to add my own content. I can move things around the way I like and it's great! But, occasionally I come across a really cool looking blog like this one: Ippity Blog and I think, wow - that's what I want!
Doubtful that I have enough content to warrant a blog like that, but just knowing how to do it would be great. I am sure I could learn on my own if I had time to tweak and twiddle, but seeing as I already barely have enough time to keep up with all of my blogs AND my facebook games, I just don't know how I could manage it. (that was a joke btw - ha ha!)

Seriously though. If you are a person who has some experience tweaking a blog, I would love to learn more and would happily supply Starbucks (or beverage of your choice) and Cards to the cause.

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