Friday, October 19, 2007

Starting this year, I'm sending out birthday cards to my stampers. Those who came to the open house filled out some interest cards including their address and birthdays and during their birthday month they will recieve a card from me with a little coupon for a goody if they come to stamp camp during that month.
I am using different techniques for birthday cards. Sometimes these may take too much time to do at stamp camp, or we might wind up doing them sometime down the road, but i will post pictures of the more unique ones on the blog so you can see them.

Octobers birthday cards were File Folder cards. It's standard card size but made into a file folder with the sides sealed. Then on the inside is an insert with a tab that you pull out and includes a greeting. I created a variety for October, some personalized and some not, all using some diecuts I purchased at Joann's in the dollar section.

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