Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Glue that keeps us stamping....

I confess that I really hate gluesticks. They are messy, they get all over the scratch paper and stick to the back of the projects, it dries clumpy and half of the time unless I really get a ton of glue on the cardstock, it dries out and the fronts of my cards fall off. I find it a frustrating adhesive to work with.

After trying many different choices, Kim introduced me to the Tombow Multi Liquid Glue. This stuff is awesome - it's precise, only takes a tiny amount - literally barely a dot in each corner - and it makes it much easier to glue smaller pieces of cardstock to my projects. I don't have to worry about making a mess of my work area, it's clean and also has the option of being repositionable if you do it the right way.

Unfortunately due to cost, I am unable to provide the multi for stamp camps, although I would love to. I think everyone would be much happier, and given how little glue you have to use, one container of the multi would probably last through a year of stamp camps. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration since I dont' really know, but I use mine constantly and only have to replace it every few months.

Anywho, I did find a decent deal online and was able to buy a case of the multi. My plan is to offer it for sale to any of my stampers for $3. It will be labelled it with their name on my handy dandy labeller, then kept here for their use at every stamp camp so that they don't have to remember to bring theier own glue every time. They can just find their multi in the basket and get to work on cards!

I'll still have gluesticks for those who prefer them, but this way I can offer an alternative and consider myself an official glue babysitter!!!

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Jennifer said...

adorable new cards! i love them all! you are so creative :) i'm hoping i'll be able to make it out there :) i'll let you know